Episode 1 (No Longer Available)
Episode 2 (No Longer Available)
Episode 3, David Duz Ju-jitsu with Guest James Pharoah Brown
Episode 4, DJs Mark Luv & Vicious Lee
Episode 5, J-Ro from #Alkaholiks #LikWitCrew
Episode 6, With Guest Tom Green @TomGreenLive
Episode 7, New Year Mix with DJ Special Blend: @SBtheDJ
Episode 8, Feat. Scoop Deville @SCOOPDEVILLE
Episode 9, ft. Dj Shiva @IamDJShiva
Episode 10, ft. Dj Aladdin #Classic
Episode 12, with Guest Sunset Strip Entrepreneur, Nic Adler (@NicAdler)
Episode 13, with Pom Klementieff from Spike Lee's 'OldBoy' (@pomklementieff)
Episode 15, with Guest Danny Masterson #That70sShow #MenAtWork @DannyMasterson
Episode 16, with Guest PJ Byrne #LOK, #WolfOfWallStreet #Intelligence (@PJ_Byrne)
Episode 17, with Guest Patience Price @Patience_Price
Episode 18, #GoBrooklyn, with writer/director #SamHenryKass #Seinfeld #Starving
Episode 19, with guest Simon Rex @DirtNasty
Episode 20, with guest @DrDina #RealNancyBotwin #420 #Medical
Episode 21, Dave n' @KeitelJr #CoachellaWrapUp #Stories #GoodMusic @OldScratch
Episode 22, ft. Dj D-Styles #WorldFamousBeatJunkies @djdstyles
Episode 23, #DavesFaves #ClassicHipHopOldAndNew
Chapter 1: The Reunion Show, featuring Al & Bud Bundy
Chapter 2: No Longer Available
Chapter 3: Featuring Guest, Justin Hunte
Chapter 4: Featuring Guest, Nocando
Chapter 5: Featuring Guest, Peter Stormare
Chapter 6: Featuring Guest, DJ Lenny Ducano
Chapter 7: Featuring Guest, Noel G
Chapter 8: Featuring Guests, Mike & Bryan (Creators of Korra)
Chapter 9: Featuring Guest, Janet Varney (AKA Korra)

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