David Faustino as Lil' Gweed

It's 4 on a recent Friday afternoon, and David Faustino is chillaxin' as hard as he can.

The former Married ... With Children star sits on a beach chair in his West Hollywood garage, just off the Sunset Strip. It's quitting time somewhere, and between pot-smoking sessions, he and his buddies are sipping vodka-and-sodas and smoking cigarettes.

On the iconic show, Faustino played Bud Bundy, Christina Applegate's horny younger brother. He still hangs with other kid actors of his generation, such as Seth Green, for whom he's often mistaken. Then there's Faustino's buddy Corin Nemec — he played the title character from '90s sitcom Parker Lewis Can't Lose — who painted the graffiti-style murals in Faustino's garage. "Platinum-colored splooge" is how Faustino describes one of the designs.

Clad today in a straw fedora, sleeveless T-shirt and camo shorts, Faustino is immediately recognizable as Bud Bundy and, at 5 feet, 3 inches tall, approximately the same size. "You dunkin' yet?" his neighbor once sardonically asked him. But he's charming, and his friends attest to his ever-sunny disposition, which extends to discussions of his vanity. As he explains, he usually wears sunglasses in public, except when he needs an ego boost and wants to be recognized.

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